Born of Nothing Upcoming Promo

Man do I suck at updating this thing. There’s so many elements to being an indie author, jugging it all can be quite the circus. I’ve got loads of promo activities (signing events, giveaways, book tour, etc.) coming up to celebrate the release of Born of Nothing. It’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. This book is special to me. It came together in a matter of days, practically outlining itself. The story is somewhat different than the other books in the series—more tender romance, but also a much darker conflict my sweet Cat has to overcome. I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

Sneak peek at my next project...

Because Becca and Lochlan's story wasn't quite enough for me in The Fae Games world, I'm working hard on a spin-off novel called Shades of Betrayal. I absolutely adore this story and can't wait to get it out for everyone to read! For now, here's a peek at the cover.


Almost ready to publish!!!!

I can't even describe how excited and terrified I am as my expected publication date nears!! PLUS, I'm almost done writing book 2! So much going on, my head is spinning! That's a lot of exclamation marks, my editor would tell me to get rid of them!!!!

Shadow Play black white.jpg

First draft out to Beta Readers!!

Talk about nerve-wracking!  Sending your work out to others to be critiqued is a scary proposition but I'm excited to hear what suggestions they will have and hopeful they like what I've written.  While I'm waiting to hear back from them I'm going to work on fleshing out book three so that I know what happens every step of the way.  I have a general idea of where it's going but still have lots of little details to sort out.  Weather here is going to suck so it will be a good weekend to work!

beta reader.jpeg

First draft of book 1 complete

At a breakneck pace I have completed the first draft of book 1!!  Book 2 is sufficiently outlined and ready to be fleshed out as well.  I will spend the next few weeks editing the first book and getting this website and other social media outlets put together so I'm ready when the book is ready.  Let's hope it gains some traction.